Property Management

Being a Landlord is Easy With Guam Rentals

How We Can Make Your Life Easier:

  • We do the work. We handle all the paperwork, lease renewals, repairs, upgrades and cleaning.

  • Easy Collection of Rents. We'll handle collection of your rent and provide you with a monthly financial report so you'll be able to keep track of your earnings.

  • Tenant Retention. We're responsive to the needs of your tenants to keep them happy and occupying your property.

  • Maximize Income. At the end of every lease, we'll carefully evaluate the current market to ensure your rental property brings you maximum income.

  • Tenant Screening. We'll carefully evaluate prospective tenants. The final decision is always yours.

  • Non-Exclusive Listing Agreements. We're the only company on Guam that offers non-exclusive listing agreements with all our clients. This means that even though we've listed your property, you're still free to market it on your own. And if you find the renter on your own, you owe us nothing.