Over the years, visitors such as the Americans, Europeans, Asians and Micronesians have left their imprint on the island's pastimes and tastes, and particularly in the island's food. During one of the many fiestas or family parties you will find tables laden with local delicacies, such as red rice, shrimp patties, Filipino style noodles, barbecued ribs and chicken, and taro leaves cooked in coconut milk.

The traditional menu also includes such favorites as Eskabeche (fresh fish marinated in vinegar and soy sauce), Kadon Octopus (octopus stewed in coconut milk with onions and sweet peppers) and Shrimp Kelaguen (minced shrimp mixed with lemon, onions, peppers and shredded coconut).

To get a real flavor of local food, take a trip to the Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market at Agana. Here you will find vendors selling wonderful Chamorro treats such as Ahu (grated coconut boiled in sugar water) or Lumpia (vegetable egg roll dipped in garlic sauce) and homemade Sweet Tuba (a drink made from the first sap of the young coconut tree). A firm favorite with families are the operated barbecue booths, where you can sample Short Ribs, Chicken Kebobs and even squid are served hot off the grill.