Bringing Pets

Bringing your pets to Guam can be done with minimal hassle if you’re prepared for it. We suggest that you begin the process as early as possible. Contact one of the authorized quarantine facilities on Guam to learn about the latest requirements and begin the pet entry requirements. Since things change once in a while, they’re the best source of information.

There are two authorized animal quarantine facilities on island. The length of time your pet will be required to be quarantined will depend on how many of the requirements you can fulfill prior to arriving. For up to date information concerning pet importation laws, please visit the Guam Customs & Quarantine Agency website.

Downloadable Forms

Authorized Quarantine Facilities

Harper Veterinary Hospital

Andersen Pet Lodge

Boonie B&B

  • 250 Route 4, Chalan Pago

  • Phone: 989-3647