Move-in Costs

Whether you’ve chosen a single family home, condominium, or apartment rental on Guam, there are several costs associated with moving in that you should be aware of.

Generally, the move in costs for all property rentals on Guam are:

Security Deposit

Equal to one month’s rent. These funds are held by the landlord to pay for costs associated with repairing damages to the home due to misuse and negligence by the tenant. The security deposit is refundable following the move out inspection. The period of time in which the landlord has to refund your deposit should be specified in the lease contract. For military personnel, base housing requires the deposit be refunded within 3 days of moving out, however, there are some instances where that amount of time may be extended, usually to no more than 10 days, in order to give the landlord time to obtain estimates. Please note, that military personnel may request and advance to cover the cost of security deposits as well as power and water deposits. Please inquire with your housing office.

First Month’s Rent

On Guam, your first month’s rent is pro-rated to your move in day. For instance, if you’re moving in on the 15th of the month, you would only pay rent for the portion of the month you occupied the property. Please note, that unless arrangements have been made with your landlord, the security deposit is not normally applied as the last month’s rent.

Pet Deposits

Pet deposits are generally required for any tenant bringing a pet into the home. Although the amount is negotiable, the customary pet deposit on Guam is usually $350, and in some cases, $350 per pet. This amount is refundable at the end of your stay, assuming there are no damages attributed to keeping the pet in the home.

Electricity, Water and Trash

Electric deposits vary based on the size of the home. The larger the home, the more the required deposit. Generally, power deposits are between $350 and $550 (as of May 2013). Water deposit is $32.00 plus an additional $20.00 if your home is using the sewer system. There is no deposit required for trash pick up.

Telephone, internet, cable, etc

Deposits and connection fees vary between providers. The two major providers for these services are Marianas Cablevision (search MCV Guam) and Guam Telephone Authority (search GTA Guam). Check their websites for specific information about the plans offered by each.

Be sure to check out the official Island Realty Guam blog for information and tips for saving money on your power and water bills.