Renting Your Property In Guam

Working with us to get your property rented is easy. Contact us today and make an appointment to meet with an agent at your property so we can give you a no–obligation evaluation and an honest assessment of what we can do for you. If you don't agree that listing your property for rent or for sale with us is in your best interest, you owe us nothing. We know what tenants ask for and we also have access to the right maintenance people to help get your place in shape at a reasonable cost. We're also familiar with the process and requirements for obtaining the appropriate licenses to keep everything legal. We'll pre-inspect the property, make sure it meets all the requirements, and be there with the Department of Public Works Inspector to make sure everything goes your way. We'll do the legwork for obtaining your Guam Business license, setting up the legal requirements to operate a rental property, and give you advice on management, or we can handle that for you too!

Once we come to an agreement on how to best present your property, we'll market your home using our social media platforms as well as several online advertising resources. We have a professional photographer on staff so that your home will be presented with it's best , we'll prepare a simple contract with the details for your signature. We'll gather the necessary information, take professional photographs and get your property advertised within a day or two.