Bringing firearms to Guam

Being a U.S. Territory, Guam abides by the 2nd Amendment and observes all it's protections. Many of the same rules that apply stateside apply here. We are an "open carry state", so you may legally carry a firearm in plain view, provided you possess a valid firearms ID, which one of the requirements to own a firearm here. Just please don't follow the example of some of those mentally challenged open carriers you see on YouTube, carrying "assault" weapons into Kmart. I've seen it happen in the sates, but I would advise against trying it here. You are required to provide your firearms ID upon request of a law enforcement officer.

Moving on...

Whether you purchased it here on Guam or are bringing it from elsewhere, you'll first need a firearms ID. A pdf file with the current (as of 6/2017) application forms is provided for you here.

Your first stop will be the Guam Police Department's Records Division, located (as of 6/2017) in the ITC building in the Village of Tamuning. It's easy to find on Google Maps. To get started, you'll need a completed application and several identification documents, which are all detailed on page 2 of the application form. One thing that's worth mentioning: You MUST have an ORIGINAL social security card, among the other identification documents listed on the form. There are absolutely no exceptions to the social security card requirement.

You'll also need a money order for $47 made payable to the Superior Court of Guam, and another $37 fingerprinting fee. Having exact change for this will make life easier. Once your application is accepted, it will take about 10 days before you'll get a call to come pick up your firearms ID. You'll need to bring another $43.00 when you pick up your card. It's a small driver's license sized laminated card that you'll be required to have before you can purchase a firearm. Most of the gun shops will require you to provide it before they'll even show you a gun or sell you ammunition.

If you want to carry a concealed firearm, you'll need to first obtain the standard firearms ID before you can apply. In addition, you'll need to show proof of firearms training. The explanation of what's acceptable is found on page 1 of the Concealed Firearms License Application. If you don't have an acceptable proof of training document, there are a couple NRA instructors that can help you meet the requirements here on Guam.

Registering firearms is also required. This is a pretty easy process and is handled at the. Guam Police Department armory, also easily found on google maps.

Guam’s self defense law is largely untested in court. And, unfortunately, self defense / concealed carry insurance isn’t available by any stateside carriers, so should you be forced to use a firearm to defend yourself, you could find yourself facing a lot of legal fees out of pocket. So we highly recommend going beyond familiarization with the basic tenants of self defense. We also invite you to check out our facebook page, which contains a lot of information worth knowing, and links to much more. You can find us by searching for Pacific Tactical Guam on Facebook.

If you have any questions about this topic or anything else related to your move to Guam, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected].