Guam Rental Properties

Whether you're moving from the other side of the island or from the other side of the world, Island Realty is here to help make finding your new home on Guam easy and painless. We know moving is an overwhelming and stressful experience, we moved here once too. All you want is for it to be over.

Where Do I Start?

Contact us today and let us know what you have in mind for your new home on Guam. We’ll sit down with you and review the properties currently on the market and help you select the best ones based on your preferences, price range, and location.

Cost of Renting on Guam

Beginning in 2006, with the announcement of the U.S. Marines relocation to Guam, the cost of property increased, up to 30% - 40% in some cases, and it soon reflected in the Guam's rental market. Military Rentals on Guam are big business, and the cost of renting property on Guam is largely controlled by the military overseas housing allowance (OHA) rates and the desire of landlords capitalize on the military market.

About Guam Homes

You'll notice the style of our homes on Guam is a little different than what you're used to. Guam’s Condominium buildings and single-family homes are generally built with concrete to withstand the winds created during typhoon conditions.

Buy vs. Rent

It's a question everyone asks from time to time, and the answer you get always depends on who you ask. There are as many "experts" that will advocate buying as renting, and the internet is full of opinions on the matter. Certainly, some times are better than others to buy, and many people are hesitant to buy on Guam because of the length of their stay and perceived issues with owning property on a remote island.

Mortgage Lenders

Buying real estate on Guam isn’t much different than buying stateside. Although most banks in the mainland won’t offer financing here, we have several local banks that provide competitive services and products for you to consider when purchasing your home on Guam.


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