Guam Home Financing & Mortgage Lenders

While most large state-side financial institutions don't provide home financing on the Island of Guam, we have several local banks and credit unions ready to provide the service you need.

Now is the time to buy a home on Guam! The coming years promise to bring unparalleled growth to the island and a high demand for housing resulting from the military buildup. Along with the high cost of rent here on Guam, it only makes sense to put your money to work and get the absolute most out of it.

The first step is the prequalification process. You can prequalify with a number of Guam's mortgage lenders with no further obligation and without going through complicated credit checks. It's not a commitment by you or the bank. It's merely a glimpse at what you might qualify to borrow based on your income / debt ratio.

Loan officers are best suited to advise you on different loans that are available to you based on a number of factors. They can also give you an idea what documents you'll need to provide in order to start the loan process. Home financing is so we'll leave that to the experts.

Once you have a rough number you can then get an idea what your payments would be using the calculator provided here. Again, this is a rough number, there are many factors that go into determining the exact amount your payments will be.

Buying real estate on Guam isn't much different than buying stateside. Our loan programs mirror that of the the mainland U.S.

Mortgage Calculator

Prequalification Request

If you'd like to get prequalified and get an estimate of your monthly payments, please fill out our prequalification form. We'll submit it to Guam's lenders and they'll get back to you directly with their estimate of how much you can qualify for, your approximate payments, interest rates, and closing cost. From there, based on your needs, we can make recommendations and start selecting homes you might be interested in to show you.