Surviving Landlord Disputes

By Martin Howard on September 3, 2019

We've all heard the stories about landlords from hell. In this business I've found myself in the middle of a few.


Bringing your Pets When Relocating to Guam

By Martin Howard on April 10, 2018

You're welcome to bring your pets to Guam. But there are some pretty strict rules for bringing animals to the island.


Paradise Estates

By Martin Howard on July 31, 2017

I thought it'd be worth taking the time to write a comprehensive post about Paradise Estates Subdivision, since it's probably the most popular place for military families on the island.


Firearms on Guam

By Martin Howard on June 28, 2017

Many of our clients have questions about Guam's firearms laws, so we'll cover the basics in this post and visit some other related topics next time.


Within Walking Distance to the Beach

By Martin Howard on March 23, 2017

One of the more popular requests we get is for beachfront property. It's certainly easy to get excited about living on the beach when you think of moving to Guam. We have plenty of it for sure, but, surprisingly few beachfront residential homes.