The public school system on Guam, as of late 2009, still leaves a lot to be desired. It seems every week there is more bad news about public schools, most of it is somehow related to the budget, and several schools have been closed for various reasons. Stay tuned to the Pacific Daily News to get the latest information on what's happening with our public school system. For this reason, private schools seem to thrive on Guam.


Guam has a number of public and private schools to choose from. There are also DOD schools on both COMNAVMAR and Andersen Air Force Base for eligible patrons to consider. Since 2008, Guam’s Public School System (GPSS) has had major problems and has come under close scrutiny for the both the condition of it’s facilities and various administration failures. However, a new Superintendant was recently (mid–2008) and things seem to be swinging in the other direction. As a result, some schools have been closed for repairs. The trend on Guam leans towards private or home schooling. There are few resources on line pertaining to Guam’s Public Schools, but you can click here for a complete list and contact information for each.


Guam is home to both the University of Guam and Guam Community College. Both are accredited institutions with easily transferable credits.