Which Cell Phone Company is Best?

Which Cell Phone Company is Best?

Martin Howard March 1, 2012 View all blog articles

One of the most common questions I get asked while I'm showing clients around is "what cell phone company is best?"

That's a tough question. It's like asking "how much is the average utility bill?" Well, the answer is the same for both questions: It depends on how you use it. To be truthful, I have two cellular phones. They say the first step in healing is to admit it, so here goes... I'm a tech junkie. I could probably do with one, and lately I've been wishing I wouldn't have made that impulse buy during a moment of weakness that I somehow justified to myself at the time. But I'm stuck with two from two different carriers at the moment.

As a real estate agent, obviously cellular phones are pretty important. Even though sometimes you just want to throw them out the window, it's not something I could make a living without. I'm a big time blackberry junkie. Recently I was considering trading it in for one of the stylish new Android phones, but when I started thinking about giving up that instantaneous email push I broke out in cold sweats. It's not happening without at least a 12 step program.

So on to the topic, which company is best...

Here’s my opinion…

If you're an iPhone lover, Guam Telephone Authority seems to have the exclusive on Guam. I do believe, however, that if you have an unlocked iPhone you can go to whoever you like. My personal opinion about GTA's 3G service is not anything they would want me to share with you. I find it unreliable, call quality is mediocre, and I seem to experience a lot more dropped calls. It's true that there are a lot more cool apps for iPhones and they maybe look cooler too.

iPhone deviceA picture of my iPhone taken by my Blackberry

Take note, I am not an iHater ( I love my MacBook and my iPad) But, frankly, I use iPhone as a very expensive paperweight and to listen to music.

So, if you ask me which cell phone company I think is best, my honest answer would have to be Docomo Pacific, and they get my endorsement. I find their service to be better, data speeds faster, and call quality is much better. Your mileage may vary of course, and please keep in mind this is my personal opinion based on my experiences alone.