Bringing your Pets When Relocating to Guam

Bringing your Pets When Relocating to Guam

Martin Howard April 10, 2018 View all blog articles

You're welcome to bring your pets to Guam. But there are some pretty strict rules for bringing animals to the island. Guam is considered to be "rabies free" and they have a long list of required tests and vaccinations that you'll need to take care of on a strict time line in order to bring your fur-babies here.

Animals can be subject to quarantine for anywhere from 30 - 120 days if all the boxes aren't checked off in order. It's a serious stress on your animals, and a big financial burden to you. But, the help of your current vet, there's a lot you can do to reduce the amount of time your pet is on lock down, and you can even be authorized home quarantine if you really get a head of the game. It'll make it a lot easier on your wallet too. Our advice is simple. PLAN and START EARLY. Animals coming from Japan and Hawaii are excepted from quarantine requirement, but you'll still need to complete many of the other entry requirements.

Since requirements change from time to time, I don't want to elaborate on the test and vaccination requirements. It's best to get specifics directly from the Department of Agriculture. Active duty military personnel may contact the Andersen Air Force Base pet Lodge for assistance. We'd suggest you make your reservations with your quarantine facility as early as possible. We're a small island and space is limited on almost everything.

We've provided downloadable brochures and some helpful links that provide more specific information about pet importation below. If you have issues reaching the Department of Agriculture, feel free to reach out to us and we'll get in contact with them for you to get the ball rolling.

Also keep in mind, few hotels will allow pets, so you'll want to plan early for that as well. As of March 2018, only the Westin Resort, the Sheraton Resort, and Days Inn permit dogs inside the rooms, and all have fees that apply.

If you're not bringing pets to the island, you can always adopt from our local shelter. We have plenty of pets here looking for a good home. You'll notice when you get here that Guam has quite a few strays. Generally speaking, boonie dogs are pretty harmless, they just like to bark. Guam Animals in Need (aka GAIN) is our one and only animal shelter on Guam. They survive on donations from private citizens and would love to have you volunteer to help with the animals or donate supplies. Please visit the GAIN website or their facebook page for information on pets available for adoption and to see what you can do to help.

As an incentive to our clients, Island Realty will cover the cost of two spay / neuter procedures per month for clients moving to Guam and adopting pets. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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